Chicago, Illinois

I grew up on a bike. My dad was the one who got my brother and I riding a bike at a young age. Growing up he would take us to a Tuesday night training series race. It was always the highlight of the week. My brother and I would get to bring our bikes and get a lap or two in before and after the races.


Denton, Texas

I got into bike racing when I was 13 racing with Bicycle Heaven and I caught the cyclocross bug real bad. The Chicago Cross Cup races became a weekly tradition for our family every fall with 2 of my brothers beginning to race a couple years later. As a junior, I won a regional championship in Grand Rapids, Michigan and raced at nationals in Boulder and Austin.



Chicago, Illinois

As growing up in a sports environment, I always enjoyed to compete and being able to push myself to the limit, which is why I got the “cycling bug”. In 2014 is when I stepped away from triathlons and purely focused on cycling where I quickly began to climb the ranks each year, eventually met my goal by upgrading to category 1. I strive for continuous improvement and I’m super excited to share my experiences with my teammates at Team Bicycle Heaven and being able to race with a bunch of fast dudes.


Boulder, Colorado

I grew up around running and did it pretty much my whole life, then I got injured, and I found cycling. I started by just riding and hammering myself all the time, and then I got a cross bike and started racing. 


Hampshire, Illinois

From a very young age I was introduced to racing but, this kind of racing involved 4 tires instead of two. Most of my weekends were spent at Gundy County speedway in Morris Illinois where my father was a 4 time track champion. When I was around 12 I really got interested in BMX racing and started racing at the Hill BMX track in Elgin and Rockford BMX track.



Elite Team Manager

I'm a husband, dad, cycling coach and bike racer from Geneva, IL. I grew up in this area, but the mountains continue to beckon me. When I'm not riding my bike I like to ride my other bikes.

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